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Grey (Gray if you are Canadian) is a versatile color for kitchen cabinets. From sleek minimalist designs to transitional styles, grey can create a sophisticated space that is both familiar and on-trend.

Whether you opt for light grey to evoke an airy feel or deep charcoal for a more dramatic effect, grey cabinets set the stage for a stunning modern kitchen.

Why do people love grey kitchen cabinets?

Grey’s neutrality allows for seamless integration with various color schemes, making it easy to coordinate with different design elements. This adaptability ensures that homeowners can experiment with contrasting tones, textures, and materials while maintaining a cohesive overall look.

In terms of practicality, grey has the advantage of being forgiving when it comes to hiding stains or wear, making it a practical choice for a high-traffic area like the kitchen. It strikes a balance between being visually appealing and easy to maintain, adding to its popularity among homeowners and designers alike.

Want Grey Kitchen Cabinets? Here are 9 Modern Ideas. - decorcabinets.com (6)

Why do people love grey kitchen cabinets?

Grey kitchen cabinets are not out of style. Just because grey isn’t in the top trends for 2024, doesn’t mean it’s out of style. Gray is a nice neutral that can be styled in a variety of ways. Talented kitchen designers are still using grey for their clients to create modern spaces.

What colors go with gray cabinets?

In all the grey kitchen ideas we have below most pair grey cabinets with white walls. The shades of white and grey are what makes the kitchen feel warmer and classic or cooler and clean.

Let's Jump Into Modern Kitchen Ideas for Grey Cabinets

These grey kitchens balance many design elements together to create an interesting and elevated space. Sleek hardware, glass front cabinets, white or marble countertops, grey shaker cabinets, bold accents, and smart under cabinet lighting are all examples of creating a modern gray kitchen. Let’s jump into what makes each of these designs modern and on style for 2024 (and beyond).

Want Grey Kitchen Cabinets? Here are 9 Modern Ideas. - decorcabinets.com (7)

1. Dark Grey Stained Cabinets

These dark grey stained wood cabinets are welcoming and warm. They grey palette creates the perfect backdrop for the dark wood flooring and stunning backsplash. Glass front cabinets keep things feeling light and adds a traditional touch to these modern shaker style cabinets. A pop of white countertop on the kitchen island reflects light and keeps things feeling fresh.

Want Grey Kitchen Cabinets? Here are 9 Modern Ideas. - decorcabinets.com (8)

2. Contemporary White and Gray Cabinets

If you love ultra modern style then this grey kitchen is for you. The mid-tone gray cabinets provide depth to this industrial contemporary space. The grey cabinets add depth to this gorgeous kitchen with open floor plan. Elegant, chic, and sleek. It has a space feel to it, which can lend to a minimalist style or warmed up with wood and plants. This grey kitchens cabinets is a perfect blank slate for many personalities.

Want Grey Kitchen Cabinets? Here are 9 Modern Ideas. - decorcabinets.com (9)

3. Grey Cabinets and Marble Countertops

Grey works beautifully with a marble countertop. This continuous backsplash and countertop naturally combines grey and white together in this elegant kitchen. Traditional gold hardware and fixtures contrasts the monochromatic cabinetry to add warmth and femininity. A perfect match to the masculine darker color of the island. Lots of visual interest in this classic color palette.

Want Grey Kitchen Cabinets? Here are 9 Modern Ideas. - decorcabinets.com (10)

4. Warm Gray Kitchen Cabinets

This is the perfect example of a gray kitchen that is warm and inviting. The warm dark gray cabinets are paired with warm wood floors and warm lighting to create a modern yet familiar space. The angled ceiling and black window trim create a contemporary foundation for this design that balances contemporary and traditional influences.

Want Grey Kitchen Cabinets? Here are 9 Modern Ideas. - decorcabinets.com (11)

5. Dusty Grey Transitional Kitchenette

This soft blue grey kitchenette is a great example of transitional style. A stone subway tile backsplash and wood floating shelves add an organic touch. Simple shaker cabinets provide a clean foundation for the space. Glass front upper cabinetry will highlight beautiful glassware with undermount cabinet lighting. There are many colors that can create a stunning transitional kitchen (spaces in between modern and traditional), but grey is a great choice for its versatility. Grey can create more neutral cabinets or rich grey kitchens. Don’t be afraid to go all out with grey cabinets!

Want Grey Kitchen Cabinets? Here are 9 Modern Ideas. - decorcabinets.com (12)

Grey accent cabinets help to create a focal point and ground the kitchen design. We love the soft white and gray palette in this kitchen. Choosing grey as an accent color is more subdued and calm when compared to other popular colors used like green or blue. The grey accent cabinets create a stunning arch that highlights the main cooking zone, an interesting and unique use of grey cabinetry.

Want Grey Kitchen Cabinets? Here are 9 Modern Ideas. - decorcabinets.com (13)

7. Flat Panel Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Flat panel grey kitchen cabinets give kitchens a contemporary feel. These charcoal colored cabinets are almost black, creating a contrasting look. Choosing these cabinets isn’t just a practical decision; it’s a deliberate embrace of the latest trends in kitchen design. The fusion of sleek lines and sophisticated color creates a visually compelling space, making these cabinets the go-to choice. Easy to clean surfaces meet modern design.

Want Grey Kitchen Cabinets? Here are 9 Modern Ideas. - decorcabinets.com (14)

8. Gray Shaker Cabinets

The classic shaker cabinets, paired with the subtle sophistication of grey, creates a kitchen that exudes both warmth and contemporary appeal. These gray cabinets seamlessly marry traditional craftsmanship with a modern color palette, making them an ideal choice for those who appreciate the perfect balance between timeless design and current trends.

Want Grey Kitchen Cabinets? Here are 9 Modern Ideas. - decorcabinets.com (15)

9. Dark Grey and White Cabinets

The dark grey creates a focal point that adds depth and character to the space. Paired with the crisp white cabinets, this combination strikes the perfect balance between contemporary elegance and timeless appeal. The dark grey island becomes a statement piece, drawing the eye and anchoring the room, while the white cabinets contribute to an overall sense of brightness.

Ready for Gray Kitchen Cabinets?

You may want to start adding gray kitchens to your Pinterest board! A kitchen with gray cabinets can be calm, classic, or contemporary. So don’t count grey out just yet, this is still a timeless choice for your kitchen in 2024.

If you need help finding the perfect grey cabinets for your kitchen remodel, an experienced kitchen designer can help. Click here to find a Decor Cabinets designer near you!

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Want Grey Kitchen Cabinets? Here are 9 Modern Ideas. - decorcabinets.com (2024)


What is the most popular kitchen cabinet color for 2024? ›

The most popular kitchen cabinet colors for 2024 will be warm neutrals, jewel-toned blues, and moody darks. Two-toned cabinets will also continue to be a favorite choice among homeowners and designers because of their visual variation.

What color floor goes with grey kitchen cabinets? ›

If a rich, warm look and feel is more your style, try a darker brown floor, such as Arbor or Catura from our Modin LVP Collection. And, if monochrome is what you're going for, you can always pair your grey cabinets with grey or black flooring options.

Are grey kitchen cabinets still in style? ›

Grey kitchen cabinets are not out of style. Just because grey isn't in the top trends for 2024, doesn't mean it's out of style. Gray is a nice neutral that can be styled in a variety of ways. Talented kitchen designers are still using grey for their clients to create modern spaces.

What color countertop for grey cabinets? ›

Both dark gray painted cabinets and light gray cabinets or gray and white kitchen cabinets pair beautifully with white countertops. The combo will look superb with minimalistic and modern designs.

What is the most timeless kitchen cabinet color? ›

Arguably, the most timeless kitchen cabinet color is white. Bright white cabinets suit a variety of beautiful kitchens, including modern, contemporary, and farmhouse styles. Brilliant whites work to give kitchens a light and airy feel, and off-white options, like the White Dove shade, provides warmth.

Are grey cabinets out of style in 2024? ›

ARE GRAY PAINT COLORS STILL IN STYLE FOR 2024? While gray was once the GO-TO shade for interior walls and cabinets, things are slowly shifting into the warmer end, and we're seeing much more greige, taupe, beige, and cream.

What is the new kitchen color for 2024? ›

In 2024, moody blues and greens are stealing the spotlight. Deep navy, forest green, and rich emerald are becoming go-to choices for those seeking a sophisticated and luxurious vibe in their culinary space. These deep hues create a sense of drama and depth while adding a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

Are grey cabinets in style in 2024? ›

The Final Words. The kitchen cabinet colors of 2024 offer a diverse palette. It includes blue, green, gray, and black, providing options to suit various design styles. These colors are versatile and can complement different styles of cabinets and kitchen designs.

What color walls go with grey cabinets? ›

White or cream are always good choices for dark gray cabinets. This will create a beautiful contrast against the dark gray cabinets and make them really pop. For light gray cabinets, try using a light blue or green paint color. This will create a fresh and airy feel in the kitchen.

What color walls go with grey kitchen cabinets? ›

Light grey kitchens team well with whites and soft pastels, while black or earthy green accents complement darker greys.

What color backsplash goes with grey cabinets? ›

Hence, proving how versatile and timeless are the gray kitchen cabinets. And even more important is picking the best backsplash tiles to go with gray cabinets. From whites to light grays, navy blues, black, rust, burnt orange, sea green, and light blue - the options are truly endless.

What color is replacing grey? ›

Beige is a popular color at the moment, as homeowners ditch the cold and often stark tones of grey for something that brings more warmth and life to a room.

What color is replacing gray in 2024? ›

Warm, light brown will replace gray as a neutral of choice in the new year. “After years of gray tone and monotone rooms, I think we all want to see some warmth and color in a room while still keeping to that earthy palette,” says Hayward.

What cabinets are out of style? ›

9 Outdated Kitchen Cabinet Trends To Avoid
  • Everything fully fitted.
  • Honey and orange wood tones.
  • Ultra-modern kitchens.
  • Handle-free doors.
  • Matte black hardware.
  • 50 shades of gray.
  • Excessive open shelving.
  • Trendy paint colors.
Apr 5, 2024

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet color right now? ›

Bright white, off-white, soft white and cream will always be a popular choice for kitchen cabinets of every style, from ultra-modern to country cottages. The beauty of these laid-back neutrals is that they can be given a bespoke look with different worktop materials, brassware and wall colors.

What is the number one kitchen cabinet color? ›

Many design experts swear that Simply White by Benjamin Moore is their go-to paint color for kitchen cabinetry. And we don't disagree, as this warm white can cozy up even the most sterile, cold kitchen layouts.

Is grey colour good for kitchen cabinets? ›

Grey is one of the best neutrals to use in your kitchen, thanks to its elegant feel and broad range of shades.

What is the trendy kitchen cabinet color? ›

Green: Nature-Inspired Hues

Green is a versatile and trendy choice for kitchen cabinets, offering a rejuvenating and serene ambiance. Whether it is a cheery emerald shade, earthy olive green, or a rich and moody tone, green cabinets can make a statement in any style of kitchen, from modern to traditional.


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