Our Round Up of Timeless Kitchen Backsplash Styles (2024)

Updating your kitchen's backsplash with the right style can turn an ordinary kitchen into something special. Whether you're going for a classic look or something that adds interest, find out which backsplash styles are here to stay and see examples of how they've been incorporated into some of our client projects.

We've also included a number of links to backsplashes so you have a good launching pad. None of these links are affiliate links -- just simply some of our favorites we're passing along!

Our Round Up of Timeless Kitchen Backsplash Styles (1)

01. | Subway Tile

Subway tile has been popular for many decades and still continues to be one of the most versatile and timeless kitchen backsplash styles. Its glossy finish and simple, rectangular design can be used to enhance any type of kitchen décor. Subway tile comes in a multitude of colors, sizes, shapes and materials. You can mix and match or use a single color to create an attractive neutral look.

The best way to select a timeless subway tile is to stay within proportions similar to these classic sizes: 3x6, 2x8, 3x12. Other sizes can either date the backsplash because of their funky proportions or the odd scale to everything else in the space. We also like to incorporate subway tiles with edges that aren't completely straight. It gives the backsplash a slight movement and feels more natural which translates timelessly.

02. | Zellige

Zellige is the perfect choice for making a Moroccan-influenced statement in your kitchen. This handcrafted tile is made from up-cycled clay and minerals, providing a high end look and texture. Its subtly varied patterns provide gorgeous contrast and dimension for brightening up a kitchen backsplash or a feature wall. True zellige is hand chiseled which means that it's a more expensive material to incorporate, but there are a number of "zellige-inspired" options on the market that are more cost effective.

Our Round Up of Timeless Kitchen Backsplash Styles (3)

03. | Natural Stone Backsplashes

Natural stone is a classic material for creating an elegant kitchen backsplash. Marble, granite, and limestone are all popular options because of their timeless, organic look. They come in a range of colors and they can be installed with minimal grouting so they offer a uniform surface with less visible seams. Natural stone also adds more durability to the kitchen, as it’s resistant to chipping, scratching, and staining.

Our Round Up of Timeless Kitchen Backsplash Styles (4)

04. | Out of the Box Ideas

If you’re looking to add a more modern spin to your kitchen, you can opt for an unusual material such as cement tile or slab panels. Cement tiles come in a variety of sizes and colors, so they provide plenty of options to create a visually interesting backsplash design. Slab panels are also a durable option, with more texture and pattern variations than other materials. Just because these materials are "out of the box" doesn't mean they're not timeless. When selecting the material, just make sure the pattern is from the tile shape instead of painted on the actual tile. It also is important that the color has a base that can be found in nature.

These are some of our favorite backsplashes on the market right now and hopefully seeing them in some of our client spaces has further inspired you! Let us know what other round ups you would like to see from our team in the comments.



Our Round Up of Timeless Kitchen Backsplash Styles (2024)


What kind of kitchen backsplash is timeless? ›

Marble, granite, and limestone are all popular options because of their timeless, organic look. They come in a range of colors and they can be installed with minimal grouting so they offer a uniform surface with less visible seams.

What backsplash tile never goes out of style? ›

Characteristics of Classic Tile That Never Loses Its Style

Neutral shades, like black, white, beige, tan, and gray. Classic patterns and designs, like black and white checkerboard and herringbone. Natural stone or porcelain and ceramic lookalikes. Hexagon-shaped and other geometric tiles.

What is the trend in backsplash in 2024? ›

However, the 2024 trend is using stone tiles to add texture and style to your kitchen. Whether you decide to use tiles with a weathered finish or ones that have an acid-wash look, your kitchen backsplash will be spectacular with stone tiles.

What is the most popular backsplash right now? ›

Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Subway tiles are a classic choice that continues to stand the test of time as one of the most popular kitchen backsplash selections. Versatile, trendy, and classic are all perfect descriptors of subway tiles. If installed, your subway tile backsplash will give a timeless look.

What color kitchen is timeless? ›

Bright White

“Light and white kitchens are timeless.

What is a timeless look for a kitchen? ›

What is Timeless Kitchen Design? Timeless refers to classic design choices that are simple, subtle, understated, and can adapt and withstand the ever-changing styles of interior design. “Light, white, and simple. Nothing over the top – something that will appeal to most people.” – Darien Wilson, Deslaurier Designer.

What color backsplash is timeless? ›

However, a kitchen backsplash is the most fun and personal decision that you can reflect your style. You can go with a simple design or be bold and make the backsplash the star of the design. Between all these opportunities, the white backsplash is the most classic and timeless option for any kitchen.

What is the color of the kitchen backsplash in 2024? ›

Blue (Light or Dark), The 2024 Kitchen Backsplash Trend

You can't go wrong with blue. Two trends emerge and oppose: pastel blue and dark blue. Joyful and innocent for the former, elegant and chic for the latter. Blue reflects nature and offers a sense of calm and serenity.

What color backsplash is most popular? ›

Top Colors and Materials for Counters, Backsplashes and Walls
  1. White Is the Most Popular Countertop Color. ...
  2. Engineered Quartz Is the Top Countertop Material. ...
  3. White Is the Most Popular Backsplash Color. ...
  4. Ceramic or Porcelain Tile Is the Most Popular Backsplash Material. ...
  5. Backsplash Coverage Reaching Heights.

What is a timeless backsplash? ›

One popular timeless design is the classic marble slab look as it offers a distinguished style yet is versatile enough to fit in an array of kitchen layouts. A cherished minimalist-inspired design is white or off-white subway tile that effortlessly pairs with most kitchens.

Should backsplash be lighter or darker than cabinets? ›

So, if you have lighter cabinets and countertops, you should incorporate a darker backsplash to provide more visual interest and depth to your space. When you have darker cabinets and countertops, you should bring in a lighter backsplash to make your kitchen feel fresh and inviting.

What is the most practical kitchen backsplash? ›

Ceramic. The original backsplash material, ceramic retains its popularity today as an easy-to-maintain, durable, versatile, and often inexpensive choice. Ceramic tiles come in a large array of shapes, colors, and sizes, making them easy to fit in with your vision.

What is the most classic kitchen backsplash? ›

Subway tile is one of the most classic traditional kitchen backsplash materials. Marble or travertine natural stone tiles can also be utilized for a more costly and sophisticated aesthetic.

How to pick a timeless backsplash? ›

There are many timeless options for a kitchen backsplash such as hexagon tiles, picket tile, penny tile, and square format tile (just to name a few). Timeless Backsplash Tip: Opt for a natural stone like marble or slate for a more traditional and timeless look. For example, marble or slate mosaic tile!

What is the easiest backsplash to maintain? ›

Porcelain, ceramic, metal, and glass tile top the easy-care list because they resist staining, are naturally nonporous, and don't require any special cleansers to do the job.

What is the most classic backsplash tile? ›

One of the most standard shapes is the rectangular subway tile, which is perfect for a classic looking kitchen or one where you want your backsplash to serve as more of a background element than a focal point. Rectangle and square tiles create a clean look, perfect for an open look.


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