4 Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Colors (Plus Color Section Tips) (2024)

Enhance your next home remodel with timeless kitchen cabinet colors and more.

It is much easier than it looks to create a beautiful look with timeless kitchen cabinetry colors and other simple design choices . Cabinetry, appliances, and countertops are one of the first elements people see when they walk into a kitchen. So, why not experiment with a time-tested color scheme for your custom cabinetry on your next kitchen remodel?

Some hues work better than others, and professionals like TBS Design Gallery know just how to select the perfect kitchen cabinet color. As a leading home design showroom in Santa Clara, CA, this experienced team partners with the best manufacturers and cabinetry brands, including Premier Custom Cabinetry and Crystal Cabinets . Our designers understand the impact and value of timeless kitchen cabinet colors and how they affect the way a kitchen looks and feels.

What color kitchen cabinets are truly timeless? Below, we discuss the best cabinet color options for a kitchen remodeling project for a beautiful aesthetic that’s always on point.

White Cabinets For A Fresh Outlook

Arguably, the most timeless kitchen cabinet color is white. Bright white cabinets suit a variety of beautiful kitchens, including modern, contemporary, and farmhouse styles. Brilliant whites work to give kitchens a light and airy feel, and off-white options, like the White Dove shade, provides warmth.

White cabinets look fresh and easily complement the following elements:

  • Wood floors
  • Colored backsplash
  • Appliances
  • A second color or wood stain
  • And so much more

White and off-white are so versatile that you can easily change a few other aspects without touching the cabinetry. For instance, paint the walls a bright color or install new lighting fixtures. Any shade of white as the focal point will give you confidence that any new additions will look fantastic.

Cobalt or Navy Blue Cabinets For Dramatic Appeal

You don't need stark black cabinets to give your kitchen a dramatic look. Dark blue remains one of the most timeless design choices , particularly cobalt or navy cabinet colors. Navy blue remains a timelss kitchen cabinet color that brings a sense of sophistication and effortless luxury to the entire kitchen.

The richness of navy blue cabinetry makes a wonderful addition to a kitchen because it works well with lighter colors if you ever want to expand the kitchen's design palette. Deep blues in the cabinetry pair beautifully with white countertops, light-colored appliances, and brass-colored fixtures. Contrasting light and dark also creates a cohesive design for the entire space.

Navy is also an extremely practical paint color for kitchen cabinets. It stays trendy for years while being dark enough to hide marks, splashes, and stains. It will also look amazing for ages without requiring additional maintenance.

Gray Cabinets For A Gorgeous Backdrop

Gray is a neutral color and a worthy alternative to white or black cabinets. Why are gray kitchen cabinets always in style? Their versatile shade variances work with almost any color and texture imaginable.

Light gray or blue-gray paint colors create a sense of calmness. Neutral grays also pair with accent colors across the spectrum. Consider pairing gray cabinets with dark-colored appliances, furnishings, and backsplashes for a refined kitchen design or brighter tones for an inviting, contemporary aesthetic.

Glass Cabinets For A Timeless Look With A Style Twist

Glass kitchen cabinets beautifully complement almost any kitchen design. Natural wood cabinets with glass panels showcase a cabinet's contents with ease. That means the cabinetry might feature any timeless color or bold shade, but the contents behind the glass will remain the star of the show.

Did you know that you don't need wood cabinets to embrace glass paneling? Incorporate glass doors or metal frames into any contemporary kitchen design if a traditional kitchen aesthetic isn’t for you.

Make a Timeless Choice for Your Kitchen Cabinets With TBS Design Gallery

Finding the perfect color for your cabinets is easy with TBS Design Gallery in Santa Clara, CA. The talented team can turn your interior design dreams into a reality, no matter how you envision your space. .

As a leader in home design services, our clients can expect the following:

  • We proudly work with skilled architects, designers, and more than 65 major brands
  • We handle all design work, including custom cabinetry, outdoor living, windows, doors, and more

Would you like to learn about the impact of cabinets on custom kitchen design? Call TBS Design Gallery at (408) 824 - 8888 today for a consultation on timeless kitchen cabinet colors and so much more.

4 Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Colors (Plus Color Section Tips) (2024)


What is the most timeless kitchen cabinet color? ›

Arguably, the most timeless kitchen cabinet color is white. Bright white cabinets suit a variety of beautiful kitchens, including modern, contemporary, and farmhouse styles. Brilliant whites work to give kitchens a light and airy feel, and off-white options, like the White Dove shade, provides warmth.

What color kitchen cabinets are Timeless Sherwin Williams? ›

Tried and true, shades of white and soft gray remain as popular as ever for cabinets and bring a sense of balance and simplicity to the kitchen.

What color cabinets will never go out of style? ›

"Honestly, the only color, in my opinion, that will never go out of style is white cabinets," says Shaolin Low, principal and founder of Studio Shaolin. The shade effortlessly complements all design aesthetics, from traditional to coastal grandmother, meaning your cabinets won't be dated by a specific trend.

What is the number one kitchen cabinet color? ›

Many design experts swear that Simply White by Benjamin Moore is their go-to paint color for kitchen cabinetry. And we don't disagree, as this warm white can cozy up even the most sterile, cold kitchen layouts.

What is a timeless look for kitchen cabinets? ›

Shaker-style cabinetry is a dependable classic

Kitchen cabinet trends come and go, but the real hallmarks of classic kitchen design always remain. Traditional shaker kitchen ideas, whether painted or left as unpainted kitchen cabinets, are always going to be a timeless choice for your cupboard doors.

What is the most timeless cabinet style? ›

Shaker Doors

The most timeless kitchen cabinet door style is also a staple in transitional kitchen design: the shaker door.

What color is considered as timeless? ›

White is, of course, always a good paint choice, because it feels elegant, fresh and clean. Plus, Gibbons says, “black and white are the most timeless colors you'll find anywhere and the most timeless color combination.”

What color hardware is timeless? ›

Polished Brass (Warm Undertone)

Perhaps the most traditional of finishes, polished brass is a longstanding classic.

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet color for 2024? ›

The most popular kitchen cabinet colors for 2024 will be warm neutrals, jewel-toned blues, and moody darks. Two-toned cabinets will also continue to be a favorite choice among homeowners and designers because of their visual variation.

What color backsplash is timeless? ›

However, a kitchen backsplash is the most fun and personal decision that you can reflect your style. You can go with a simple design or be bold and make the backsplash the star of the design. Between all these opportunities, the white backsplash is the most classic and timeless option for any kitchen.

What backsplash will never go out of style? ›

Choose a classic backsplash

Subway tile is the most enduring choice for a backsplash. Avoid bold, trendy colors, and instead look for white or neutrals. Keep it simple, and bring in color elsewhere in the kitchen, with more easily replaced items, such as dish towels, art, bowls of fruit and rugs.

What color cabinets are easiest to keep clean? ›

Unlike white cabinets, dark cabinets hide dirt and grime pretty well, making them a great choice for kitchens with heavy use or small kids running around.

What color kitchen cabinets sell houses? ›

“Obviously, for resale, most prefer white, and any bright color may not appeal to the masses,” she says. “[But] you can paint your cabinets any color as long as the craftsmanship and quality is solid,” Bull adds.

What is the most appealing kitchen color? ›

When it comes to kitchens, white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green really shine. Each of these shades can do something different for the room, but they all help create a warm and welcoming space. Warmer colors such as red are believed to stimulate the appetite and are an excellent option for kitchens.

What color kitchen cabinets sells best? ›

Whites and neutrals are the way to go when you're getting your house ready to sell. Also, paint jobs that are sloppy or use inferior-quality materials can lower the resale value of your home.

What is a classic color for kitchen cabinets? ›

White Cabinetry Colors

White kitchen cabinet colors offer a crisp, classic appearance. White kitchens have enduring style when paired with traditional elements such as subway tile and aged brass accents. To add interest, consider painting the island in a contrasting color.

What color kitchen cabinets will always be in style? ›

Blonde and mid-tone browns are classic choices that never go out of style. Bleached or super dark stains tend to wave with trends and can make a kitchen appear very dated when not in style.

What color kitchen cabinets sell best? ›

Most real estate agents will tell sellers that neutral colors will appeal to the widest audience. While white is a very popular color for kitchen cabinets, other neutrals like gray, black, and beige are also good. Stained wood cabinets have an appeal, especially if they are of high quality.


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