2024 Interior Door Styles - Woodgrain (2024)

Interior doors serve as the finishing flourish in a home, capable of transforming a room. While their primary roles include providing privacy and reducing noise, it’s crucial not to overlook the element of style when choosing new doors. Paying careful attention to aesthetics adds value when selecting doors for various rooms in your home. So, how do you choose which door works for your home? Well, we’ve got you covered! From pocket doors to frosted window doors, we will guide you closer to finding the perfect door that aligns seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic and functional needs.

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In the realm of home design, interior doors have a subtle yet impactful role in reshaping a room. While exterior doors stick to timeless standards, interior doors offer a canvas for creativity Designers are embracing the chance to break away from the usual, bringing a fresh wave of style to our living spaces. Doors aren’t just functional; they’re a chance to add a personal touch. So, as you consider new doors, keep style in mind.


Unlock a world of possibilities with pocket doors – your gateway to a hidden playroom or a serene retreat. Whether your space exudes moody vibes or boasts a light and airy atmosphere, these style doors will add a touch of wonder within your home.

Unlike traditional doors, pocket doors elegantly disappear into the “pocket” of a wall, creating a seamless and space-saving solution. Operated by a track system, a simple swipe of your hand gracefully slides the door into the adjacent wall, revealing a clever design feature that maximizes space.

At Woodgrain, many of our doors are crafted to function as pocket doors, effortlessly complementing any style or environment. Consider router-carved doors for a timeless, modern look such as 5253, or opt for the elegance of glass doors like 551 to enhance natural light flow between rooms.

Before diving into installation, carefully consider the interior style and the room’s purpose. From bathrooms and pantries to laundry rooms and walk-in closets, these doors are transformative touches that work wonders. Whether for office spaces or sunrooms, each door choice promises to infuse your space with the elegance and personality that seamlessly fits any room and style. Choose wisely, and witness the magic unfold!


Shaker doors are a timeless and versatile design choice that adds a touch of classic elegance to any interior space. Named after the Shaker furniture style, these doors are characterized by their simple, clean lines and flat panels, creating a minimalistic and sophisticated look. The beauty of Shaker doors lies in their ability to seamlessly blend into various design schemes, from traditional to modern. The absence of intricate detailing allows them to serve as a blank canvas, making them adaptable for different finishes and colors. Beautifully crafted doors such as the 5 panel shaker door not only provide a sense of understated charm, but also exude a sense of craftsmanship and quality.

Incorporating Shaker doors into your home is like adding a signature touch of sophistication and timelessness. Embracing both form and function, these doors effortlessly balance simplicity and style, making them the perfect choice for anyone seeking a timeless design that stands out in its subtlety. Whether you’re going for a classic or contemporary look, Shaker doors are the secret ingredient to elevating your space with enduring elegance and a touch of refined craftsmanship. Woodgrain offers a wide variety of shaker door styles, check them out here to find your perfect fit!


Step into a world of timeless elegance with French-style doors, a design choice that effortlessly enhances the aesthetic appeal of interior homes. These doors are more than just entryways; they are statements of sophistication and charm.

French doors are characterized by their classic double-door design featuring glass panels that invite natural light to cascade through your living spaces. The use of glass not only adds a touch of openness, but also creates a seamless connection between rooms, making your home feel more spacious and interconnected. When it comes to interior design, French doors are versatile and can complement various styles, from traditional to contemporary. Door styles such as the beautiful 690 and 672 models fit perfectly within the traditional, Victorian, and colonial styles. Whether you prefer a classic look or a modern touch, these doors can be tailored to suit your home’s unique personality.

Consider incorporating French-style doors in spaces like living rooms, dining areas, or home offices to create an elegant transition between rooms. The timeless allure of French doors not only adds a touch of luxury to your interior, but also serves as a focal point that draws admiration.

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Frosted glass doors bring a touch of modern sophistication and subtle elegance to interior spaces, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics. These doors are characterized by their translucent or opaque glass panels, creating a soft, diffused look that adds a layer of privacy while allowing natural light to filter through. Frosted glass doors come in various designs and styles, offering versatility to suit different interior aesthetics. Whether you prefer a full frosted panel for complete privacy or a partial frosted design with decorative patterns, these doors can be customized to complement your overall interior decor.

Beyond their functional benefits, frosted glass doors contribute to the visual appeal of a space. The diffused light that passes through the frosted glass imparts a soft glow, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. This feature makes frosted glass doors an excellent choice for entryways, hallways, and rooms where a subtle and stylish design element is desired. Whether used as interior room dividers, closet doors, or entryways, frosted glass doors add a touch of contemporary flair to any home. Their ability to combine functionality with aesthetic appeal makes them a popular choice for those seeking a modern and stylish interior design solution. Embrace the subtle beauty of frosted glass doors to enhance privacy, diffuse light, and elevate the overall ambiance of your living spaces. Want some inspiration? Check out our door catalog for more frosted door ideas!

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We understand that selecting the right doors for your home can be overwhelming with so many options available. However, we hope that our favorite door styles will inspire you to create your own unique design. Whether you prefer sliding pocket doors or frosted glass doors, exploring your options can spark your creativity and help you find the perfect finishing touch to complement your home’s decor.

Regardless of your preference, Woodgrain is proud to offer beautifully crafted doors that can elevate the interior of your home. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of hardwood and softwood stile and rail doors and door components, we take great pride in offering a wide range of options to choose from. We invite you to browse our door catalog and find a dealer location near you to start exploring the possibilities of creating unique, creative touches in your dream home.

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2024 Interior Door Styles - Woodgrain (2024)


What is the most popular interior door style in 2024? ›

In 2024, simple, clean doors are on-trend, and our shaker doors perfectly encapsulate this style. Whether it's the one-panel Cape Cod, the two-panel Nantucket, or the three-panel Chelsea, these doors offer an elegant yet understated look.

What style of interior doors are popular now? ›

At the pinnacle of functional interior doors lies the sliding glass door, emerging as a prominent trend of the year. Given the contemporary relevance of open-floor spaces, choosing a glass door to delineate functional areas is a noteworthy option. This space-saving door is particularly effective for smaller rooms.

What is the most timeless interior door style? ›

Shaker doors are a timeless and versatile design choice that adds a touch of classic elegance to any interior space. Named after the Shaker furniture style, these doors are characterized by their simple, clean lines and flat panels, creating a minimalistic and sophisticated look.

What is the most popular color for interior doors? ›

Although white is undeniably popular, it's not the only choice. Some homeowners may be tempted by interior door color trends- like soft grays, blues, or even bold blacks. However, it's important to remember that popular trends and fads change, and what's in style today might not be tomorrow.

What is the trend in door knobs in 2024? ›

Vintage or Retro Revival Door Handles

Old aesthetics are now becoming popular today. With a perfect touch of advanced functionality, the vintage door handles are on the trendy list. You can explore retro-inspired door handle designs. It is a major comeback in 2024 and the best option if you have a wooden door frame.

Are black doors still in style in 2024? ›

Black exterior doors in particular are a staple of some of today's trending home architectural styles. Modern Farmhouse style homes have embraced black exterior doors with multi-lite glass designs. And black doors can create refined or dramatic welcomes for Updated Traditional and Contemporary style homes.

How to choose the right interior door style? ›

There are several factors to consider when choosing an interior door; think about the size and style of the room where the door is being installed, how much clearance the space provides, what architectural details are already in place, the size of the opening, and the room's existing color scheme.

What is the current trend for door hardware? ›

Eco-friendly Design and Sustainability

Sustainability is a key trend in door hardware design for 2024. Bronze is inherently eco-friendly due to its durability and the ability to be recycled.

Should all interior doors be the same style? ›

In fact, using a perfect match is often considered too redundant. However, the interior doors should coordinate with each room and the overall home style… all of the interior doors should agree with each other in the same way, even if they are different colours”.

What interior doors never go out of style? ›

White internal doors

White doors never go out of style. They are versatile, create a light airy atmosphere and provide a blank canvas to layer up colour elsewhere in your room. As well as complementing any dark elements, in rooms with plenty of light white doors can create the illusion of a bigger space.

What color door hardware is timeless? ›

Brass brings a warmth and lustrous elegance, effortlessly aligning with the timeless design aesthetic. Nickel offers a touch of modernity in both satin and bright nickel.

Why is shaker style so expensive? ›

REASON #1 – HIGH QUALITY. Though a bit more expensive than modern cabinetry, shaker cabinets offer a very low-maintenance product that will last a long time. Nearly all shaker cabinets are made from solid wood—typically oak or maple—and other materials like high-end veneers can be used to achieve a similar look.

What color door increases home value? ›

Slate Blue Or Black Doors Are The Big Winners

This chalky light blue-gray hue earned the highest overall score from prospective and recent purchasers.

Should doors be lighter or darker than walls? ›

Should doors be lighter or darker than walls? If you wish for your doors to blend in with the walls, paint them the same color or a similar hue. But if you want the doors to stand out, consider painting them darker than the walls for a dramatic look.

What paint color looks rich? ›

While it may seem bold, a dark, crimson red actually has the ability to make a room look more expensive. In fact, Phillips says that a color like Baked Cherry by Little Greene is just the right shade of red, which can bring richness and regality to a room.

Are barn doors out of style 2024 interior? ›

Open concept layouts will still be popular in 2024, but the trend will begin to wane in favor of more convertible layouts. Barn doors will being to become more popular as a way to not only save space, but also open up or close spaces depending on how a room is being used at any moment in time.

Are barn doors still in style in 2024? ›

Barn doors look great on a farm but in an urban residence it looks out of place. The biggest 2024 design trend we're seeing is geographically appropriate designs. Like shabby chic and the modern farmhouse, barn doors should go back to where they came from and stay there…the farm.


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