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Cramped and dark rooms can make us feel low, whereas walking into a lighter, brighter room can instantly lift your spirits.

There is no reason why a small kitchen can’t exude some serious style and feel more spacious than it actually is. A kitchen of any size can feel roomy if you know some simple design tricks to make the most of the space.

Many kitchens in urban areas such as London, New York and Paris are famously small, yet they are arguably some of the most attractive kitchens around, reflecting both stylish city living and some ingenious space saving solutions.

If you have a bijoux kitchen, there are a number of design tricks to create the illusion of a bigger space and maximise every square inch:

1. Use colour

Changing the colour of your kitchen is a low-cost, simple update that will immediately make a space feel bigger. White kitchens are on-trend and this is the best colour for visually opening up a space.

If you want to go for something brighter, yellow can create a welcoming, sunny kitchen, giving a country vibe even in the middle of a city.

Green is a colour that symbolises the natural world and tranquility. Pale green and teal are on-trend shades and the perfect colours for adding touches to a white kitchen. Complement this look with some delicate green plants or flower arrangements.

2. Add geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are highly fashionable in art and interior design at the moment. Instagram is filled with geometric patterned tablecloths, rugs, blankets and cushions, which are ideal for a small kitchen as you can use these patterns to create the illusion of more space, whilst making your kitchen look like it is straight out of an interior design magazine.

Patterns can be used to accent a small kitchen but don’t overdo it - if you use too much pattern you can make a small space feel overcrowded and too busy.

Geometric patterns can draw the eye vertically or lengthways to give the impression of a longer, taller kitchen. Urban subway tiles can give the sense of opening up the most miniscule area. The thick black lines between the subway tiles give the illusion that the kitchen is bigger.

If you can’t afford to change your kitchen tiles, a geometric floor runner can provide the same visual effect.

3. Use see-through elements

An unobstructed physical and visual path will make your kitchen look bigger. If you keep the sight lines in your kitchen open, your eye will continue to see through the space rather than come to an abrupt halt.

Clear plastic chairs, floating islands and bar surfaces, backless barstools or glass pendant lights all help to achieve this effect.

4. Add mirrors

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Mirrors are well-known to make a room feel more spacious, but it’s amazing how many people only use mirrors in the bedroom or bathroom, but don’t think to use mirrors in the kitchen.

A super-size mirror covering one wall can look extremely striking, especially when reflecting back a table or kitchen worktop which is sitting flush against it.

You can also use mirrored splashbacks or mirrored cupboards to create the same illusion.

5. Choose reflective surfaces

In addition to mirrors, other reflective surfaces can also make a kitchen feel bigger.


  • Glass tiles
  • Shiny floors
  • High-gloss paint
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Glossy cabinets

6. Opt for open shelving

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Open storage gives a more airy and spacious look in your kitchen. Remove some cabinet doors and take a step back - immediately you will see that there is an illusion of more space.

However, this trick can only be done if your cupboards aren’t currently bursting. If you have cluttered shelves you will only make the space feel even smaller!

Copper shelving is on-trend and super chic - if you are a naturally neat and tidy person this would make a stunning addition to increase the feeling of space.

7. Goodbye clutter, hello minimalism

The minimalist look works well for creating more kitchen counter spaceand helps create the illusion of a bigger kitchen.Avoid ornate, overly decorative details and keep the look fuss free for long sightlines and a roomier feel.

If it looks like you don’t have enough space for your all your stuff in the kitchen, the space will look cramped and small.

Stick to a rule of making sure that kitchen surfaces are always clear and that every item in the kitchen has a storage space. This includes keeping the space above your kitchen cupboardsclutter-free.In a small kitchen you have to be ruthless with any items you don’t use and donate them to a charity shop.

Investing in a steaming hot water tap with allow you to free up a kitchen surface as you’ll no longer need a kettle.

Integrating a food waste disposal in your kitchen sink will allow you to get rid of that unsightly food waste caddy or bin.

20 Ideas for Making a Small Kitchen Look Bigger | InSinkErator GB (2024)


What kitchen design will make a small kitchen look large? ›

Geometric patterns can draw the eye vertically or lengthways to give the impression of a longer, taller kitchen. Urban subway tiles can give the sense of opening up the most miniscule area. The thick black lines between the subway tiles give the illusion that the kitchen is bigger.

What colors make a small kitchen look bigger? ›

Keep colours light, bright and consistent

Bright white or cream is an obvious choice, but don't feel limited. Light greens, yellows, blues and even greys can work well too. Whatever colour you choose, try to make the cabinet doors and walls one consistent colour.

What flooring makes a small kitchen look bigger? ›

Install tile flooring

Parquet tiles, for example, laid in a wide herringbone, chevron, or basketweave pattern, will immediately give the impression of a longer and wider space thanks to the way the lines draw the eye outwards. Choose a design and colour that complements your kitchen's existing decor.

What backsplash makes a kitchen look bigger? ›

Any room can appear wider by using horizontal lines to your advantage. Try a long horizontal backsplash tile or subway tile to draw the eye across the room. You can achieve the same effect with horizontal tiled or herringbone flooring while enhancing the kitchen design.

What color cabinets look best in a small kitchen? ›

Lighter Shades for an Airy Feel

Whites, creams, and light pastels reflect light, making the space more open and airy. These colors create a timeless and classic look, providing a neutral backdrop that allows other elements in the kitchen to stand out.

What kitchen layout is popular in small kitchen? ›

L Shaped Modular Kitchen Design

This shape works best for small to medium kitchen spaces. To design an L-Shape modular kitchen, one needs thoughtful planning to keep it clutter-free and organized.

What is the most efficient arrangement for a small kitchen? ›

The most efficient kitchen layouts are U-shaped and island kitchens. These layouts provide ample countertop space for cooking and prep work, and they allow for fluid movement throughout the room. Galley kitchens often have the issue of feeling “bottlenecked” because there is only one path in and out of the kitchen.

What is the most popular color for a small kitchen? ›

While conventional wisdom is that white always makes a space look bigger, choosing from the rainbow—bold yellow, rich blue, cozy tan, and fresh pink—allows you to create a more personalized atmosphere.

What is the most appealing kitchen color? ›

When it comes to kitchens, white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green really shine. Each of these shades can do something different for the room, but they all help create a warm and welcoming space. Warmer colors such as red are believed to stimulate the appetite and are an excellent option for kitchens.

Should flooring be lighter or darker than cabinets? ›

This depends on the style you're going for and the color of your cabinets. Are you looking for a sharp contrast to create dimension, or do you want a soft, complementary color palette? Darker flooring will give your kitchen a dramatic and moody flair, especially when paired with lighter cabinets.

How do you extend a small kitchen? ›

Ground floor wraparound extensions combine a side or side return extension with a rear extension to create a huge L-shaped addition to the side and rear of a property. Pros: Loads of space created. Larger space allows for more desirable features, like a kitchen island.

Can I make my kitchen bigger? ›

In some cases removing or moving a wall can give you the space you need. For example removing a wall enclosing a small breakfast nook giving you extra length in the kitchen. You can add a breakfast bar peninsula or an island with seating which would add storage space, and take up much less floor space.

How to modify a small kitchen? ›

51 Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make the Most of a Tiny Space
  1. Add a prep area. Adjustable Kitchen Cart. ...
  2. Remove upper cabinets. ...
  3. Get custom hardware. ...
  4. Or opt for invisible hardware. ...
  5. Get super organized inside your cabinets. ...
  6. Streamline dish duty. ...
  7. Splurge on fun glassware. ...
  8. Add a kitchen island.
Jan 30, 2024


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